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How should compliance programs react to the EU's CSDDD? What effects will there be on compliance due diligence, whistle blowing requirements and risk assessments? 

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White paper - the EU Directive on Corporate Sustainability & Due Diligence  

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Series - Implementing the EU Whistle Blowing Directive 

What are the practical challenges when implementing the incoming 'EUWBD'? This series of blogs looks at the legislation, whistle blower behaviour and how GCs & CCOs can ensure solid foundations. 

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5 reasons why your company should tackle facilitation payments 

Facilitation payments can be pushed higher up on the compliance agenda in high risk jurisdictions. There are good reasons to re-think your approach on an often underestimated exposure. 

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Helping board members improve paper compliance programs 

Members asking the right questions on fundamentally weak programs will make a huge, positive and long-term difference to their companies. 

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Ethics and Compliance is relatively new, having developed apace over the past 10-15 years. What effects does its placement in the Legal function have in many companies? 

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Human rights programs 

If you could start over, would your compliance program be a human rights program?  

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How to handle furlough frauds and mistakes 

We have developed a fraud risk management library and tools to handle mistakes and fraud in the coronavirus job retention scheme. 


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What demanding rich kids teach us about anti-corruption work 

Corruption hits the poorest hardest. Here we look at what demanding rich kids can teach us about anti-corruption work. 

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A unique time to observe policy 

A look at how implementation can be hampered by poor policy making, and what we should watch out for in the coming months. 

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The Ethics Journey - Part 2 

Ethics is about friction and impassioned debate - that's how it's done right. The world isn't black and white; it's messy and controversial. 

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The Ethics Journey - Part 1 

The first part of the ethics journey - where ethical problems come from, how E&C departments emerged and what the first stages of the journey look like. 

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If Legal & Compliance are no longer in the driving seat on ethics, what next? 

The need for Legal & Compliance to get involved in fast-moving risks is clear. Here we look at Digital, Crisis Management and Sustainability. 

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Are companies free to act ethically? 

As companies become increasingly active on ESG, we ask whether corporate governance structure allow for sustainability to be top if the agenda. 

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Have you risk assessed the risk assessment on how you assessed your risks?! 

A look at some of the challenges in risk assessments, including unnecessary elements that are demanded by some advisers. 

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